A new TEFL Course


A new TEFL Course

the world for the rest of your life.

A new TEFL Course is going to start in Banha in Egypt

under the leadership of Mr. Shady Abuyusuf

What a wonderful chance for English teachers.

Best of luck.

The Advantage of Getting TEFL-Certified TEFL certification sets you up for success for a life-changing experience! Here’s how you’ll benefit: Get jobs in the best locations. Competition may be stiff for the job you want. What will make your application stand out? Fully accredited, extensive certification tells employers that you’re well qualified for the position and dedicated to doing it right. Get the best-paying jobs. It’s possible to teach abroad without a certificate, but the jobs you’ll get without it will likely come with lower pay or no pay at all. Certification qualifies you for well-paid, professional teaching jobs. In some cases, you might even take home more than you would as a teacher in the United States. Be the best teacher you can be. With 20 children whose language you don’t speak staring up at you, would you know what to do? Certification gives you confidence. Sure, you might be nervous that first day, but you’ll have the tools and training to get the job done well. Gain valuable professional experience. Now more than ever, businesses and organizations are active all over the world.TEFL certification sets you up to earn international experience that will impress employers that are seeking applicants who are adaptable and can work effectively with people from other cultures. Plus, your certification doesn’t expire – you can use it around

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