About Britishey Training Centre


About Britishey Training Centre

Britishey Training Centre is the first centre specialized in English language because We believe in essential for effective learning English language.

Britishey Training centre distinguished by it`s unique courses like:

only at Britishey Trasining Centre the exclusive TEFL {TEACHING ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE } to produce super qualified teachers around Banha.

And there is more than that we make you prepared for your IELTS exams if you want to make your MASTER or migrate out side Egypt.

we also provide to you a group of great courses to improve your speaking accent such as the Phonetics and Phonology if you want to specialized in English sounds.

This is all under the leadership of Mr. Shady Abuyusuf

with a group of well qualified instructors owned  their certificates from (London Teacher Training College).

Britishey is a Certified Testing Center for{ Learning Resource Network} that means you can tested in ESOL AND COMMUNICATION and receive your certificate from Cambridge.

If you want to improve your English skills or improve your accent to gain more opportunities in life and career So Britishey Training Centre is the perfect place for you.

We are very proud of our past , because we believe on ourselves.

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