Ahmed Saad / My Co-TEFL Trainer at the CDELT, Ain Shams University


Ahmed Saad / My Co-TEFL Trainer at the CDELT, Ain Shams University

As prophet Muhammed PBUH said, ” Those who do not thank people, do not thank God” and that’s why I am writing this post about the man who has been my friend since secondary school and till becoming co-teachers at Future University in Egypt. This man is my hometown friend, Ahmed Saad. HeĀ graduated from the Faculty of Education, Damietta University in 2001. Then he finished his CELTA with Cambridge University in 2014 and currently he is in the process of finalising his DELTA. Recently he has joined me in the TEFL programme I am used to running for the CDELT, at Ain Shams University where he proved himself as a talentedĀ TEFL trainer and with his help, the programme has been amazingly improved. I was sure Ahmed would be a great asset to the TEFL programme there but what really surpassed my expectations was his spectacular performance there. I would like to thank you my friend from the bottom of my heart for being so much professional and dedicated. The experience of the TEFL programme being run with you as a co-trainer is without any shadow of a doubt wonderful and I am truly looking forward to more programms to handle together in the near future.

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