CDELT 33rd Symposium 2015


CDELT 33rd Symposium 2015

It was really nice being with the family of the Centre for Developing English Language Teaching “CDELT” at Ain Shams University. The conference was a big success as many great figures in the field of English Language Teaching in Egypt were present. It was a good opportunity to meet up with many ELT experts such as Dr. Zainab Alnaggar & Dr. Dina Boraie, the dean of the School of Continuing Education, AUC, who added so much value with their presence.


On the second day, it was my time to give a workshop that is based on Teaching Discourse & the Dogme Approach. The session covered interesting ideas such as authentic-text adaptation and coursebook-text handling. It also provided attendees with ideas on using Texts as a Vehicle for Information “TAVI” or as a Vehicle for Linguistic Objectives “TAVLO”.



But throwing a workshop was not the only nice experience I had during the symposium. Meeting with my fellow members of the organising committee was great as well. Those people worked so hard to bring out the symposium in the best form. They exerted a lot of efforts and held a lot of meetings. So the conference would have never been a success without people such as Dr. Nagwa Younis, the CDELT Director and Dr. Ahmed Abdulsattar.

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In addition to that, the familiar faces of the TEFL students that I encountered every now and then made me feel like home as they were very welcoming and cheerful. Their appreciation was pretty drawn on their welcoming facial gestures.


The whole experience was fantastic and the certificate of appreciation that I received at the end of the workshop along with mentioning my name on the first page of the symposium catalogue as a member of  the organising committee made my day.

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