July, 2015 Conversation Course

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July, 2015 Conversation Course

In this course very light material is used. Most of the activities are based on students’ emergent language where personalisation plays a very central and significant part of the discussions. Students get to talk about real things in their real life. Their own problems are more important than any other problems found in any coursebook. Their hometown has a lot more weight than any other city in the world. Their favourite local sport star is more important than, let’s say, Tiger Woods for example. In such a course, there is no grammar agenda. Grammar only comes up when the teacher sees that students need it and that is easily decided through scrutinising students’ production. Also the teaching of phonology only appears when the teacher spots students’ mispronunciation in both segmental and suprasegmental features of English Language. And what adds to the interesting and exciting nature of the classroom atmosphere is the different forms of interaction during the lesson.

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