New TEFL Course in Damietta, Egypt Running Wild


New TEFL Course in Damietta, Egypt Running Wild


In every new TEFL course I start whether in Dumyat or at Ain Shams University, I always see faces of passionate young people who want to form their future as fast as they can. And I am sure they are not far from being very successful in the market of English Language Teaching “ELT”. Such a course. I believe, is an eye-opening experience as it shows students ways of teaching that can transform their classes into very dynamic zones where students love what they’re doing and exchange ideas. It also encourages students to continue with their professional development afterwards and join more renowned programmes such as CELTA and DELTA by Cambridge University.


Many of the course graduates have become very successful people in the market teaching in many universities and international organisations. And as I clarified to many of them, it was not the course certificate that got them there, it was actually the quality they got that made them able to perform greatly in job interviews and lesson demos. And as usual I am sure many of this new course students one day will be very famous EFL instructors.

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