Our Story

The story began when an Egyptian EFL instructor, Shady R. Abuyusuf, decided to build a personal blog, where he could support his students and run blended courses as part of his English teaching programmes.  Shady tried to find a name that would be easily remembered and came across the slang adjective ‘britishey’ on Urban Dictionary. At that time, there was no plan to turn that website into a brick-and-mortar language teaching school. Two years after this, Shady moved into teaching university students and finished both his Cambridge DELTA and MA in TESOL & Applied Linguistics from the University of Leicester. He followed that with a series of trainer-in-training programmes in Egypt, Spain and South Africa. During that period of time, he used to train teachers in different language schools in his hometown, Damietta. Things went nicely till he had a great disagreement with a language school manager; upon which, Shady determined to start his own training office and of course the first name that popped up in his head was his blog name, Britishey. So the original purpose of our centre was for training English teachers and this used to happen only two days a week: Fridays and Saturdays. Another important step was signing an agreement with London Teacher Training College to run teacher training programmes in Egypt through Britishey. The business continued this way for a while but Britishey graduates were unhappy that the teacher training small school was just open two days a week and they convinced Shady to hire teachers and run courses all week days. In 2019, Shady signed an agreement with Cambridge Assessment English to turn Britishey into the fourth Cambridge Assessment teacher training provider in Egypt and he introduced six new Cambridge Assessment English programmes in Egypt for the first time ever such as CELTS, CELTP, Language for Teaching and Train the Trainer. And now the school is growing into three main branches: two in Shady’s hometown Damietta and one in Cairo and who knows what is next. Britishey offers now English courses for all ages and all levels. The school maintains high quality teaching because it only hires the best of the best graduates from its world-renowned teacher training programmes. The centre also provides exam preparation programmes for students who want to sit for international tests.