Results of Kids’ Courses / Flyers (2)


Results of Kids’ Courses / Flyers (2)

Our dear kids and parents can be up on the final results of the Flyers’ group. ( Miss. Abeer’s group )

We hope you enjoyed the summer program and got much benefit from it. Waiting for you in the winter program.

Britishey Language Center wishes you the best of luck.


Asmaa Ehab Ansy                                      51/53

Mohamed Nabil                                         52/53

Ahmed Mohamed Kattaria                         51/53

Ziad Ahmed Zaghloul                                 50/53

Ahmed Ismail Mohamed                            48/53

Saif Shady Abuyusuf                                 46 / 53

Shaza Ehab Elzoghby                                 49/53

Ahmed Elsaed Ahmed                                46/53

Mohamed El-Harouny                                44/53

Hanady Ashash                                           37/53

Hana Ayman Elsandrousy                          40/53

Jana Fares                                                   40/53

Jody El-Zahaar                                           35/53

Lujain Talaat Hegazy                                  44/53



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