Amal Hosny El-maghraby

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When I first read the announcement of the training program “How to teach IELTS” on Facebook, I instantly clicked the link for information and applied the next day. Before this I was planning to take an IELTS preparation course then take the exam, then Voilà! I thought, I’m a teacher, so I can hit two birds with one stone! On one hand, it’s a training to take the IELTS exam and on the other, it’s a training to become an IELTS preparation instructor. And I was right, it was even higher than expectations especially with such an amazing and dedicated tutor as Dr. Shady Abu Yusuf. I was expecting just practicing many IELTS exams and general information about it, including of course teaching practice. But all of this has changed when we started the course which I’d like to call it “Mini IELTS CELTA”, as the course goes on, we discover new methods in teaching English as a foreign language and on each skill we present a teaching practice which is assessed professionally and we receive a detailed report after that with areas to work on and areas of proficiency. Finally, I want to say that I’m really blessed to take this course with Dr. Shady and this amazing group of teachers, it’s not the first time with Dr. Shady and definitely won’t be the last. Is it an important course? Yes, I do recommend this course for every English teacher desiring to upgrade and work more professionally “it’s a lifetime shot”. It’s totally a different level of teaching English as a second language and I’ve never seen or heard about IELTS preparation courses delivered in that professional and exciting way. Now, IELTS preparation courses can’t be boring anymore.

English language Teacher & Assistant TEFL Tutor

Damietta, Egypt

Britishey Training Centre

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