Heba Elrafie

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I would like to thank Mr.Shady Abuyusuf for the great effort that he always does on his courses. During my CELTA Course, I’ve had the honor of meeting the best tutor I’ve ever known in my life.

Before the course, I had that general idea that it was going to be a very tough experience as that was the feedback that everybody was giving about the course. However, once the course commenced; this idea started to fade day after day and that was only because Mr. Abuyusuf made it a complete enjoyable experience.

I remember my batch mates and I used to wait for his input sessions just to have the opportunity to learn from his knowledge. He used to bring fun, creativity, and uniqueness to the class. The way he loves his job shows on the quality of his work. He is the most conscientious, supportive, understanding and passionate teacher I’ve ever met.

He taught me how to analyze things from the students’ perspective so that I can explain them the way students can understand. I was so lucky to have such a wonderful tutor as Shady Abuyusuf.

No words can tell how grateful I’m to you Shady. You have made a significant change in my teaching.

ESL Teacher

Cairo, Egypt

British Council

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