Marilyn Pohl

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I was an elementary teacher in the Philippines before I got married. After getting married, I moved to South Korea with my husband and was doing tutorial teaching to students of mixed ages. It’s quite difficult and different when teaching adult students as I wasn’t trained that way. When we moved to South Africa, my husband suggested to take CELTA as it’s a very useful course when planning to teach adult students overseas. I followed my husband’s advice, but before applying for the course, he gave me a warning that it’s a very hectic course to take, lots of assignments, lesson planning and teaching practice. Despite the warning that created scary thoughts, I did my CELTA course in October last year and it was an amazing journey. Shady was one of my tutors and I learned a lot from him. I learned the different techniques of adult teaching from Shady’s’ sessions. It’s a lot of work and lots of sleepless nights, but very useful and worthy at the end. To those who are planning to take CELTA course, go for it, you won’t regret as it’s a key to open doors for you to teach students from other languages.

English language Teacher

Durban, South Africa

Home-based Teaching

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