Miriam Afifi

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Taking the CELTA course was a big step for me, specially that I wasn’t really sure about taking teaching as my career, but I decided to take the CELTA course to decide from there. Everyone kept telling me that it’s stressful and I shouldn’t take it if I wasn’t sure, I want to be a teacher or not, but I decided to take it anyway. It was stressful indeed, but I was very lucky that Shady was my tutor for the first 2 weeks of the course, he was very helpful and supportive, he helped me a lot and he’s definetly one of the reasons I continued this course and aimed to achieve good results in it. His success story is still inspiring for me till now. What I learned from Shady during the course is what I’m applying now in my current job as a teacher and it’s working well, even though I wasn’t very convinced at the beginning that it would. Thank you Shady and I wish you good luck and success always.

English language Teacher

Cairo, Egypt

Modern American Schools of Egypt

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