Mohamed Saif

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There’s not a shred of a doubt that Dr.Shady Abuyusuf is a tough act to follow; a rare breed. He’s by far the best tutor that you’d ever get to meet. In my eyes, on a CELTA course he’s your best treat. His style is exceptionally neat and his classes are so much fun and upbeat that you wish you never left your seat. A clear cut of the teaching concepts is what you get and information is understood with ease. He is not just highly driven but he’s also very resourceful and keen. He’s someone that I heard a lot about before I got to meet, and when I did I thought that he deserves more credit because he’s never mean. My CELTA experience would have never been the same without him and that’s my creed. That’s why I wish him all the best and for his knowledge to flourish and seed.

English Language Teacher

Cairo, Egypt

Future University in Egypt & New Horizons

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