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 This course, the least one can say about, was a life-changing decision I am thankful I had made.I worked as an English instructor for a number of years before I took the TEFL course. I deliberately tried to eliminate that previous teaching period from my life; I remember numerous difficulties I encountered and massive problems that occurred before enrolling in this fabulous course.

The TEFl course I joined with Dr. Shady Abuyusuf, genuinely speaking, was a stepping stone towards the start of my real academic life since it  offered me great assistance in many notable areas in my teaching career.

Firstly, it was a constant reference during the CElTA course I took. Secondly, it has dramatically increased my quality of teaching and the ability to manage various ability groups structurally and systematically. Furthermore, it provided a significant impetus and confidence to overcome the fear and the strain caused by a demonstration while applying for a new job.

Besides, I have embraced the passion of English language methodology and this was honestly acquired by monitoringShady who  astonished me with the approaches and techniques he applied.

 In my view, this Academic course, especially with  Shady is truly unmissable for those who seek progress and aspire to work overseas.

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