Samar Ezzat Sallam

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I had been teaching English and reading about teaching methodologies for five years prior to signing up for The TEFL course with Dr. Shady Abuyusuf. I had assumed that taking such a step would just hold the merit of adding one more certificate to my resume. However, it turned out that the course was more than just a certificate; the whole experience was inspiring. I highly recommend taking the TEFL course with Shady in particular for a number of reasons: first, Shady is well-versed in the course content, which is suitable for novice and experienced teachers alike. Second, Shady’senthusiastic and animated style of teaching piques the interest of his learners. Third, in addition to practical teaching techniques and strategies, theoretical concepts are covered without getting bogged down in details. Finally, Shady is very supportive and loves to open up new avenues for professional opportunities.

ESL Teacher

Banha, Egypt


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