Walaa El Saadany

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“I think the best word that describes “How to teach IELTS” course is outstanding, from the moment that I came to ask for information until now I could see it. With an amazing, interactive and creative tutor like Dr. Shady Abuyusef. He truly makes me have the best experience, in both preparation for IELTS and how to teach IELTS at the same time. This is done with extra-activities and proficiency that make me capable of gathering different techniques to learn and teach the four skills. By the way, this is one of the greatest things about this course. During my classes there I have met adorable colleagues eager to learn and co-operative at team works, which makes the course much more affective and fun as well. The influence of the course appears in how much I developed my way of teaching and my studying and preparation strategies. I arrived there with loads of questions and I had a lot of support.

I do recommend “How to teach IELTS” course If you want to have one of the greatest experience improving your teaching methodology, language, meeting people and enjoying an extraordinary course.

ESL Teacher

Damietta, Egypt

American Business Academy

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