Ahmed Alshafey

First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to Britishey team, particularly Dr. Shady. I have been participating in a TEFL course under their tutelage, which is now nearing completion. Throughout this course, I have gained extensive knowledge on teaching methods, and my confidence within the classroom has significantly increased.

Recently, I pursued a teaching position at an international school in Saudi Arabia. As part of the application process, I was required to submit a demonstration lesson. I sent them a previously recorded demo from my time on the course with Dr. Shady, showcasing both my organisational skills and innovative teaching techniques. To my delight, within two days, they informed me that I had progressed to a final interview with a school representative.

During this interview, I was asked numerous teaching-related questions. Fortified by the knowledge I had gained through my TEFL course, I answered with unwavering confidence. Upon disclosing that my TEFL course was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Shady, the interviewer expressed their trust in my abilities, stating, “Now, I can trust you.”  Dr. Shady’s reputation had clearly preceded me, and I was informed that I had been accepted for the role, to my immense joy.

I cannot thank Dr. Shady and his team enough for their support and guidance throughout the entire process. Their expertise was invaluable, helping me secure this exciting new opportunity at the international school.

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