Train the Trainer

My experience in the TTT Course was really rewarding and beneficial in every way. Though I have been teaching for sixteen years, it helped me reconsider many misconceived concepts about teaching and assessment. A million thanks to Dr. Shady Abuyusuf, the extra professional trainer that was generous with his time and efforts, he helped us navigate our ways through the course. Being innovative and helpful, he cleverly uncovers the trainees’ beliefs and helps them to modify those beliefs. His sessions were quite informative and interesting. Every session was a challenge bringing new ideas that help us think outside the box. We knew how to get trainees introduced and engaged using different task formats. He gave us many helpful tips on how to style and deliver sessions to teachers and trainees. More importantly, we became familiar with different styles of feedback, and we knew how to avoid being judgmental when giving feedback to teachers and trainees. Finally, we explored how we can design a course timetable. Ultimately, I found the whole experience gainful and fascinating.

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