3,000 EGP


Business English Course

The Business English course is designed to prepare students to use English in a present or future work situation. Students will develop English skills with a focus on business contexts and environments, and they will learn vocabulary that is used regularly in the business world. This course will help practice and enrich communication skills by using English in specific business settings and situations.


By the end of the course,

you will learn MORE, do MORE and speak MORE

Develop basic skills to deal with people in business situations

Increase their knowledge of key business concepts worldwide

Write and read basic business reports, faxes, and memos

Develop confidence to deal with people and basic issues in the business world

Expand vocabulary related to general business situations

Develop confidence to deal with people and basic issues in the business world

Identify differences and similarities between doing business in North America and in other countries

Levels & Hours

Elementary (I)

Elementary (II)

Elementary (III)

Pre-Intermediate (I)

Pre-Intermediate (II)

Pre-Intermediate (III)

Intermediate (I)

Intermediate (II)

Intermediate (III)

Upper Intermediate (I)

Upper Intermediate (II)

Upper Intermediate (III)

Advanced (I)

Advanced (II)

Advanced (III)

International Testing & Certification

Our students have the opportunity to sit for the EuroPro English language exam

This international exam is for employees whose organisations require certificates of English for business and professional purposes. The Euroexam Business English exams are offered at

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