Language for Teaching

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Certificate in Language for Teaching

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Improve the classroom and professional English of your teachers with Language for Teaching. The three courses are designed to improve teachers’ level of English, from Basic to Independent user (CEFR Levels A1 to B2). The courses are for teachers who speak English as a second language. There are two versions of each course, for teachers working in primary or secondary schools.

With Language for Teaching teachers show that they:

have improved their knowledge and understanding of the English language have developed their own reading, writing, speaking and listening skills have developed their ability to use English in the classroom and for other professional contexts have become more fluent and confident in their use of English.

Certificate in Language for Teaching

Courses are aimed at specific CEFR levels, so you can clearly see your teachers’ English level improve.
Course content is designed specifically for primary and secondary school teachers, and includes general English language improvement.
Teachers can study at a pace and time that’s convenient for them. Online tests track teachers’ progress throughout the courses.
Certificate Cambridge Assessment English