Certificate in Academic Writing for English Teachers

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Certificate in Academic Writing for English Teachers

London Teacher Training College


This is a course designed for English language teachers. It will provide teachers with the support needed to improve teachers’ academic writing skills.  The course focuses on different aspects of the academic writing process starting with the language needed for writing different genres, critical thinking stages, planning strategies, and essay organization. The course will also provide you with personalized feedback on your writing so that you can identify your areas to work on and try to modify them.

In practical terms

Why the Certificate Course in Academic Writing for English Teachers?

This certificate course in Academic Writing has been developed to help English language teachers with their written assignments in English at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Teachers who are not native speakers of English often find the written requirements of their courses very challenging. In addition to the vocabulary of academic English, they have to learn new conventions of style, referencing and format. Furthermore, some teachers during their university studies show lack of critical thinking skills, and sometimes failure to answer the specific question and their inability to develop answers logically. Issues around vocabulary, plagiarism and referencing skills are significant additional worries.

This course sets out to address these problems directly. It recognises that English language teachers are expected to write perfect English, accurate and effective language use is an essential skill for teaching professionals.

The skills taught in this course will empower English teachers to succeed in any college-level course or professional field. They will learn to conduct rigorous academic research and to express their ideas clearly in an academic format.

Academic Writing for English Teachers Course Components

This 10-week course looks at various components that will make English teachers’ academic writing stand out for all the right reasons, including paragraphing, style, tone, paraphrasing and punctuation. Each week is comprised of face to face or zoom lessons, followed by exercises and peer-review tasks, taking English teachers through various aspects of academic writing.


What level do I need as an English Teacher?

The course requires upper-intermediate (B2) to advanced English (C1).

Course topics

  1. How to write problem-solving essays.
  2. How to write advantages and disadvantages essays.
  3. How to write for and against essays.
  4. How to write a cover letter.
  5. How to write a CV.
  6. How to write a professional lesson plan.
  7. How to write persuasive essays.
  8. How to write narrative essays.
  9. How to write introductions paragraphs, body paragraphs and conclusions.
  10. How to write an essay using quotations.
  11. How to describe data.
  12. How to describe a process.
  13. How to write a comparison essay.
  14. How to write a balanced opinion essay.
  15. How to write cause and effect essays.
  16. How to write a review.
  17. How to write an email of complaint.


London Teacher Training College

Certificate in Academic Writing for English Teachers

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