Cambridge Approach to Textbooks

The first phase of the research on textbooks across the world was undertaken with the support of the Ministerial team working on the review of the National Curriculum in England – they did a great job in locating and bringing together a library of textbooks. Ministerial engagement with the issue of textbook quality has been an important element of the work. Thanks must go to publishers, and to their associations, who have given extraordinary support to Cambridge Assessment’s engagement with the issue of textbook quality. It has been a huge pleasure working with Caroline Wright (British Educational Suppliers Association) and Emma House (The Publishers Association). It was very good to work intensively with Dr Debbie Morgan (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics – NCETM) on textbook quality and her insights have been extremely helpful. Dame Celia Hoyles (NCETM) also provided unstinting support at the beginning of the research. Publishers and educational experts in a range of countries have given their time to answering our questions about the history of development and implementation of materials in specific country contexts. Particular thanks go to Joy Tan and Lee Fei Chen in Singapore, Sirkka Ahonen in Finland, Vice-Minister Teerakiat Jareonsettasin in Thailand and colleagues from the AEO Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools in Kazakhstan. The refinement of Cambridge Assessment’s criteria and principles was supported by a range of colleagues in Cambridge Assessment and Cambridge University Press, and thanks go to: Carolyn Tiller, Rachel Wood, Muriel Dahan, Juliet Kennard, Anne Smith (Cambridge International Examinations), Emma Nightingale (Oxford Cambridge and RSA) and Jane Mann and Michael McGarvey (Cambridge University Press). The drafting of the criteria has been hugely assisted by Anne Sparrowhawk (Cambridge International Examinations), whose sound advice and support have been continuous throughout. Finally, thanks to Philippa Bateman and to Bene’t Steinberg and the Group Public Affairs team at Cambridge Assessment for the intensive work on draft preparation and dissemination.

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