The Council of Europe, through its language programmes in Strasbourg, has developed over 30 years a series of monographs on language learning, language use and language proficiency. Probably the best known of these are the different “levels” of language achievement within language teaching and learning “schemes” - the Threshold Level (1975, 1990, 1998), which has been enormously influential throughout Europe and beyond, and later the Waystage and Vantage Levels. In the mid 1990s, the Council of Europe began the challenging task of putting these different levels and their associated guidelines together into one coherent Framework. This Framework, which is referred to as the Common European Framework of reference for language learning, teaching and assessment (CEF for short) has been developed by Dr John Trim, Dr Brian North, Professor Daniel Coste and Mr Joseph Sheils. It has been informally published in two versions so far: an initial version in 1996, and after consultation, a revised version in 1998, known as Draft 2. Extensive feedback and discussions have since led to the production of the current version of the Framework, which was published in English by Cambridge University Press and in French by Didier, to coincide with the European Year of Languages, 2001.

Categories: Assessment
Tags: CEFR

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