Developing Illustrative Descriptors of Aspects of Mediation for The CEFR / Brian North and Enrica Piccardo

This paper reports on a project of the Council of Europe’s Language Policy Programme (henceforth LPP) carried out between January 2014 and April 2016. The main aim of this project was to develop a descriptive scheme and illustrative descriptors for mediation, the fourth mode of language activity presented in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: learning, teaching, assessment (Council of Europe 2001 – henceforth CEFR). In turn, the project was carried out within the context of a wider project aiming to provide a 2016 extended version of the CEFR illustrative descriptors. That wider project took place in two, overlapping, phases: firstly, the updating of the 2001 scales on the basis of the pool of validated CEFR-related descriptors that had been calibrated in a number of recent projects, and secondly, the development from scratch of descriptor scales for mediation and related categories (2014–6). In addition, a Eurocentres1 team also undertook a collation of CEFR-related descriptors for younger learners, mainly from European Language Portfolios (henceforth ELPs). Finally, this three-pronged descriptor project was accompanied by another, parallel, initiative launched in the summer 2013 by the LPP. This was the commissioning of a text (Coste & Cavalli, 2015) aiming to reposition the conceptual scheme of the CEFR in relation to recent developments in language-related needs in school education.2

Categories: Assessment
Tags: CEFR

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