Increase your wordpower / Colin Phillips

The reader can find in this book over a hundred exercises of various shapes and sizes. It's probably true to say that it is mainly suitable for advanced students. However, the exercises in some sections are "graded11 according to difficulty-with easier tests being followed by more difficult ones. Thus, it is my belief that intermediate students too can very much benefit from its contents! The book has also to some extent been arranged thematically, and has exercises that are interrelated. Additionally, there is towards the back of the book a vocabulary game. Hence, teachers should also find this work very useful -especially in the classroom ... I would like to thank a number of people who have encouraged me to write this book, including the following: Ola Hans, Joseph Khun and Ben Paflin - all from Adam Mickiewicz University. Also, my long standing friends -Robert Bramble and Alex Maclean of Portsmouth. Not least, perhaps, I should thank my wife, Joanna, for her patience and forbearance whilst I have spent hun­dreds of hours working on it! I can reassure the reader that as this may be my last direct work on vocabulary as such, at least for a while, I have put a bit of "heart and soul" into it! Therefore, I hope that you will very much enjoy this work as well as find it immensely educative!

Categories: Writing
Tags: wordpower

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