The paper reports on a sub-project of a Council of Europe initiative to provide an extended version of the CEFR illustrative descriptors, one of the main aims of which was to provide descriptors for communicative activities and strategies related to mediation. Once underway, however, the main Council of Europe project quickly moved beyond its initial scope. Not only did the conceptualization of mediation prove to be a powerful endeavour capable of encapsulating a new vision of the role and function of the language learning, teaching and assessment process, but, beyond this, it revealed grey areas in the CEFR that needed to be addressed in order to respond to the developments in pedagogical and societal visions occurring since the CEFR publication. This work allowed us to address underdeveloped or underconceptualized aspects of language teaching pedagogy and to take into consideration new perspectives that have been emerging in language education. Some of the areas covered are computer-mediated communication, plurilingual and inter/pluricultural interaction, a more agency-oriented relationship to literature and the strategic dimension of the mediation process itself.

Phonological Scale Revision Process Report 2016.docx
Categories: Assessment, Phonetics & Phonology
Tags: CEFR

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