Teaching English as a Foreign Language / Carola Surkamp and Britta Viebrock

The prime challenge of educating future teachers of English as a Foreign Language is to equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills and at-titudes to teach to the best of their abilities and become professional practitioners with a great amount of competence, self-confidence and flexibility. At university, we strive to train experts not only with regard to the content matters of their subject, but especially with regard to peda-gogical approaches and methodological principles. We try to provide pro-found theoretical knowledge and at the same time link this knowledge to practical issues of classroom teaching. Not only do we wish to prepare teachers for their daily practice, but also for the diverse future challenges of a vital profession. English language teachers need to become agents of change who actively respond to the demands posed by globalisation, multilingualism or digitalisation and use these developments for innova-tive teaching approaches.

Categories: Teacher Education
Tags: Foreign, Teaching, TEFL

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