EMI Skills

Cambridge Assessment English

The Certificate in EMI Skills is for university professors, lecturers, tutors and researchers whose first language is not English, but who use English to teach students, present academic papers and interact with colleagues.

The online course modules include video demonstrations of University of Cambridge lectures, seminars and tutorials.

With the Certificate in EMI Skills, participants can show that they:

can use English as the medium of instruction with greater effectiveness

are able to use a wider range of strategies to engage students

can take part more confidently in professional activities in the medium of English.

Reasons to choose the Certificate in EMI Skills:

Designed specifically for the higher education sector, with real-life examples from the University of Cambridge.

Helps to improve teaching quality, supporting your institution’s academic excellence objectives.

Can be used as part of a wider programme of academic staff development.


Participants are assessed in the following ways:

Four written assignments within each module:

Participants apply the language and skills they have learned to their own context and reflect on their experience.

An end-of-module progress test:

Participants complete a multiple-choice test to check their learning.

EMI Skills

Fees: 500 USD

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