General English

1,500 EGP

Our courses focus on the four key elements:






By the end of the course,

you will learn MORE, do MORE and speak MORE


your communication skills with lots of speaking to gain confidence


a good foundation of English for work or life and develop the four English skills


a Britishey certificate for your hard work at the end of the course


un but productive lessons and exciting social events in Egypt


for a Euroexam that is suitable for your level and receive an internationally recognised certificate

In practical terms

English courses at Britishey are for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. Good English skills accelerate your career prospects and help you communicate with the world.

This course is suitable for you if you want to be more confident and fluent in PRACTICAL English, useful for your career and life.

Focus on the balanced development of all communication skills (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, reading, writing and speaking)

Practical English classes built around real life situations & student’s needs

Lesson plans based on assessment for learning and comprehensive need analysis

Opportunities to use your English inside and outside the classroom with group projects and workshops

Improve your 21st century ‘super’ skills: ‘Communication’ ‘Creativity’ ‘Collaboration’ ‘Critical thinking’ through team work, discussion and debate with a lot of speaking practice to build confidence

Levels & Hours

Starter (I)

Starter (II)

Starter (III)

Elementary (I)

Elementary (II)

Elementary (III)

Pre-Intermediate (I)

Pre-Intermediate (II)

Pre-Intermediate (III)

Intermediate (I)

Intermediate (II)

Intermediate (III)

Upper Intermediate (I)

Upper Intermediate (II)

Upper Intermediate (III)

Advanced (I)

Advanced (II)

Advanced (III)