Train The Trainer

This is Khloud Elfauomy, and this is my review according to my experience at Britishey on different courses. Honestly, I consider Britishey a turning point not only in my professional development but also in my mindset and vision for the future. I have taken four courses at Britishey, and all of them were really beneficial and unique. Each one of them provided me with the required knowledge to be ready to start immediately after the end of the course. I’m in no need to get training outside, and this is the beauty of Britishey courses. They provide you with everything theoretically and then let you try it practically under the guidance of professional trainers. Everything is graded, detailed, and to the point.

Moreover, they design everything according to the needs of the market.
I’d like to give a special thanks to my role model, Dr. Shady, not only in my career but in life. He has never failed to let me learn new things, regardless of how much knowledge I have. He always has new things to teach me. I do really respect his way of dealing with his candidates, and I appreciate his tremendous efforts to create something new and effective. I always try to learn from his passion for learning and staying up-to-date. Finally, I highly recommend Britishey courses to anyone who wants to have an effective beginning in the training career or who wants to be highly qualified for a higher position in teaching training.

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