Can you imagine that before 1982, no one had ever said to someone ‘make my day’. The idiom only found its way into English language when Tom Walsh, played by Gary Swanson, said it in the movie: Vice Squad. Tom was threatening a man with his gun saying: make your move … and make my day.

However , the actor who has made the idiom really popular was Clint Eastwood in the movie: Sudden Impact, in 1983.

The early usage as shown in both movies was to dare someone to do something wrong, which is a meaning that is still in use, for example:

You sent a message saying you would complain to John, go ahead … make my day.

انت بعت رسالة انك هتشتكي لجون، يلا … وريني نفسك.💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

But the idiom did not stop at its original function, it developed a positive usage, so when you say for example:

You’ve made my day.

إنت خليت يومي ري العسل. 😍😍😍

So my friends, if you read this short entry and loved it, be sure that you’ve made my day.