Personalized Learning Approach and Phonics.

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In the current time of Covid-19, the shift to e-learning (online learning) has been a necessary urge. In Britishey Training Centre, we are providing your child with a unique online teaching experience that bridges the gap between face-to-face and e-learning. This aim is fulfilled by following the most recent and efficient approaches and strategies for teaching YL (young learners). One of these approaches is the Personalized Learning technique.

            “To get an idea of what personalized learning is, try to picture a classroom that doesn’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to education. The teacher doesn’t lead all students through the same lessons. Instead, the teacher guides each student on an individualized journey. The what, when, where and how of learning is tailored to meet each student’s strengths, skills, needs, and interests’’ (Morin, Personalized Learning).

            In this video, our lovely 5-year-old Gamila is led into a personalized lesson based on her strengths and weakness points along with her interests. Gamila is learning and revising the long and short vowels by playing one of her favourite online games: Tic-Tac-Toe. She is learning, playing and competing with her teacher to win the game and master the long and short vowels. At the end, Gamila is the winner, and her personalized lesson is proven to be enjoyable, instructive and student-oriented.


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