“Shutters” is a very common word in English language and so is its Arabic equivalent: شيش.

The word collocates with the English verbs: close and open and so does its Arabic equivalent with the Arabic verbs: يقفل و يفتح.

So the Arabic translation of a sentence like this would be:

Can you open the shutters, please.
ممكن تفتح الشيش لو سمحت.

But the story does not end here as “shutters” can be used in English language to express other wonderful meanings adding more to your lexical storage without much effort.

One of these usages is the fruit of “shutters” collocating with the phrasal verbs: bring down/ put down.

For example, you can say:

Let’s bring down the shutters on these problems.

خلينا نبطل كلام عن المشاكل دي.
خلينا نبطل تفكير في المشاكل دي.

Now another lovely usage is an outcome of collocating with the phrasal verb: put up. This can be seen in the following example:

There used to be a very nice stationary here. I still don’t know why they put up the shutters.

كان في مكتبة لطيفة أوي هنا. أنا مش عارف هم قفلوا ليه.

Many people put up the shutters during the Friday prayer.

ناس كتير بتقفل ساعة صلاة الجمعة.

The word “shutters” can be part of slang English as well. It is used to refer to eyelids: رموش. So you can say to someone you want to surprise:

Keep your shutters closed.

خليك مغمض عنيك.

So my friends, I hope you enjoyed this input. It is time for me now to bring down the shutters on this. 😉😉😉

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