Managing Pupil Behaviour : Key Issues in Teaching and Learning / Terry Haydn

This book provides routes through the classroom management maze and will assist practising and aspiring teachers to find ways forward with this central facet of their working lives. The book is based around a unique ten-point scale that has been devised to encourage teachers and trainee teachers to think about the degree to which they are relaxed and in assured control of their classrooms and can enjoy their teaching, as well as the extent to which there is a 'right to learn' for pupils. The scale is designed to get teachers to think about: the factors influencing the working atmosphere in the classroom the influence of the working atmosphere in classrooms on teaching and learning the equal opportunities issues surrounding the tension between inclusion and situations where some pupils may be spoiling the learning of others. The book draws on case study material and recent research to develop insights into the whole range of factors impinging on teachers' ability to manage their classes.

Terry Haydn - Managing pupil behaviour _ key issues in teaching and learning (2007, Routledge) -
Categories: Classroom Management
Tags: case study, classroom

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