Practical Composition : Exercises for the English Classroom from Working Instructors / Russell Brickey, Russell Brickey, Laura L. Beadling and Evelyn Martens

For English instructors at every level, the task of producing a worthwhile, workable plan for each class period can prove a perennially nerve-wracking experience. To ease this challenge, this invaluable work offers a vast compilation of writing exercises and in-class activities collected from professors, graduate students and lecturers from colleges and universities across the U.S. Step-by-step instructions guide teachers through class discussions and exercises on topics ranging from invention, argumentation, formatting, thesis development and organization to rhetorical situation, visual rhetoric, peer review and revision. Most entries are designed as stand-alone exercises to fill a standard fifty minute class, but some are expandable to cover multiple class periods and even provide homework assignments. From high school teachers and first-time teaching assistants to experienced writing professors looking to enhance their courses, anyone who teaches English will appreciate the fresh ideas found in this indispensable volume.

Russell Brickey, Russell Brickey, Laura L. Beadling, Evelyn Martens - Practical Composition_ Exercises for the English Classroom from Working Instructors (2014, McFarland) -
Categories: Classroom Management, Teaching Ideas
Tags: exercises, instructor's, nerve-wracking

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