Teaching without Disruption in Secondary Schools : A Model for Managing Behaviour / Roland Chaplain

Behaviour management training of trainee and qualified teachers has been a national priority for some time. This second edition addresses the point that this training and practice should be evidence-based. The importance of adopting a research-based approach is a specific requirement of the guidelines on teacher training and central to this book. The training materials in this book give examples of how to put the research into practice, which in turn makes the text more useful for self-development, trainers in schools and university education departments. Moreover, these materials are supported with case studies showing how they have been used successfully in schools throughout the UK.

Roland Chaplain - Teaching without Disruption in Secondary Schools_ A Model for Managing Behaviour (2003, Routledge) - libgen.lc
Categories: Classroom Management, English Language Teaching, Teens
Tags: Behaviour, Secondary Schools, Teaching

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