Text-based Presentation


  • LP Data

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Learning Outcomes

    (These should be your aims in terms of what you want the students to achieve)
  • Personal Aims

  • (limit this to one or two ares of your teaching that you want to focus on in this lesson)
  • Assumptions

    (What you assume the students will know or not know, be familiar with, have experienced or have been taught)
  • Anticipated Problems & Solutions

    Try to cover language, skills and classroom management.
  • Resources & Materials

    (attach copies of handouts; ensure reference is marked on handout)
  • Stage 1: Lead-in

  • Stage 2: Exposure

  • Stage 3: Highlighting

  • Stage 4: Language Clarification

  • Stage 5: Practice

  • Feedback

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