Unlearning the Traditional Method

Unlearning the Traditional Method

By/ Sami Mahmood

There are many types of input sessions for use with
teachers. One of them is “Live Classroom Teaching” in which teachers sit in on
a real lesson and discuss it afterwards.

In today’s input session we exposed our teachers to a demo
lesson on teaching present continuous tense using the PPP (Present – Practice –
Produce) approach but this time in a very traditional way. It was free of
context, free of CCQs or ICQs, free of feedback and with a very high TTT.
Basically, it was teacher-centered.

Moving from practice to theory as the aim of the demo was to
present the PPP approach along with all the problems teachers need to avoid.
The discussion followed the demo was fruitful as teachers were able to
highlight all the problems in the demo along with the practical solutions to

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