Enjy Mosaad

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It has been 4 years since I studied TEFL with Mr. Shady. My experience was definitely different than my colleagues as I am a graduate of the faculty of Sciences and I was looking for a career shift. The course was a turning point for me although I decided then not to work as a teacher as I thought teaching does not suit my character! yet I gained a lot of skills that helped me work as a translator since then :D. It was not until a year and half ago that I realized in another course that the skills I was taught in TEFL were embedded in me and with the recommendation of a great mentor like Shady I was recommended to work as a soft skills instructor at AMIDEAST. BOTTOM LINE: This course is a life changing course and for those who graduated from other faculties than the faculty of Arts or Education, this course will make you even better than many English teachers out there. For English teachers who have passion about teaching and willingness to think out of the box, check the latest courses with Shady he is always updating the content and techniques. For Mr. Shady, thanks for being a role model and for trying to change the tedious old ways of English teaching and always seeking the contemporary ways of teaching and spreading that knowledge to all your students. I am privileged to be your student 🙂


Cairo, Egypt


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