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Oxford Placement Test (Adults)

Oxford Placement Test for adults accurately assesses English proficiency levels, guiding learners to suitable language courses and programs effectively.

Oxford Placement Test (Young Learners)

The Oxford Placement Test for young learners accurately gauges English proficiency levels, guiding children to appropriate language learning paths with precision.

Trinity ISE

Trinity ISE exam assesses English language proficiency through integrated skills tasks, focusing on real-life communication and authentic language use.

Trinity GESE

Trinity GESE exam evaluates English language speaking and listening skills through one-to-one interviews, focusing on practical communication in real-life situations.

Britishey Placement Test (Adults)

The Britishey Training Centre Placement Test for Adults accurately evaluates English proficiency, guiding learners to tailored language courses and programs effectively.

Britishey Placement Test (Young Learners)

The Britishey Training Centre Placement Test for Young Learners accurately assesses English proficiency, guiding children to suitable language courses with precision.