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Leen Sami

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First of all, I’d like to thank Shady for his great efforts and his continuous support throughout the course and also after the course, he was there whenever I needed help. Shady is an awesome instructor, who taught me how to build good rapport with students by being an example himself. I hadn’t taught a class before I decided to do the CELTA, and I remember I was frightened and thinking to quit the course out of fear and anxiety, but he was there to support and to make it sound so simple. When it comes to planning a lesson or the teaching itself, I always go back to the CELTA feedbacks and I remember how he taught us to drill sentences backwards. I’m trying to convince my sister to do her CELTA at FUE, as I know that she will benefit as much as I did if not more. I can go on and on about how much I got out of the course, but I’m afraid that I’ll fill up the whole blog. 🙂

English Language Teacher

Khartoum, Sudan

British Council

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