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Ola Algohary

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I’ve been hesitant about continuing in the field of ESL teaching. I was unsure how I should be teaching and I had doubts whether I was doing it right or not. Then, I took the TEFL course with Shady and it made all the difference. He teaches this course in the CELTA style, so it’s very practical. Everything he has taught us is applicable and all the strategies do work. My lessons have become much more efficient and my self-reflection has become way better and clearer. On this course I haven’t only learned how to be a better teacher in class, but also on a professional level: lesson planning, assessing students, and performing better in interviews and demos. Thank you, Shady. You taught me a lot, saved my career, and opened new doors for me as an English instructor. 🙂

English Language Teacher

Cairo, egypt

Berlitz & Canadian International College

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