Ramadan Arafat

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I never knew I was in love with teaching till I took the TEFL course with Mr Shady Abuyusuf. I taught English for three years before I took the TEFL course and I was about to give up teaching, because there was no improvement in my students. I joined the course with a lot of hesitation whether I was up for the course, but I found out it was the best decision I have ever made. Mr Shady is knowldgble, supportive, helpful, and enthusiastic about teaching and teaching teachers. My teaching skills have become totally different and effective. I learnt a lot of things concerning lesson planning, thinking as a student and accurately anticipating difficulties students might face. Also, I learned many methods related to skills and language. All and all, I am so grateful to Shady for his effort and support.

ESL Teacher

Cairo, Egypt

Future University in Egypt

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