Albukhary Azharian Language Institute Training Programme

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We are delighted to announce that this Monday, Britishey Training Centre will start a teacher training programme for Albukhary Azharian Language Institute English teachers. The programme is called Certificate in TEFL for YL and is endorsed by TQUK.

This programme is specially designed for teachers who want to teach English to young learners. The course will focus on teaching methods, classroom management, lesson planning, and assessment techniques. With the help of this programme, the teachers will be able to deliver English lessons in a manner that is engaging and fun for the students while meeting the learning objectives of the school.

This training programme is a significant step for Albukhary Azharian Language Institute. By investing in their teachers, the school administration demonstrates a keen interest in providing quality education to their students. This decision will undoubtedly benefit the school in the long run by increasing student outcomes, developing a positive reputation, and attracting more students.

We at Britishey Training Centre are proud to partner with Albukhary Azharian Language Institute in this important initiative. We believe that this teacher training programme will empower the educators to create a fun and effective learning environment for their students.

In conclusion, we encourage teachers to take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade their skills, shape their teaching careers, and improve the lives of their students. We wish all the best to Albukhary Azharian Language Institute for their commitment to providing quality education to young learners.

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