It is not just a scary animal for many, but it has an interesting linguistic role to play in the English language.

So when it cones in the plural form, it becomes a synonym for the adjective ‘crazy’:

Are you bats? = إنت مجنون؟

It can also mean the same thing, if you change its form and make it an adjective:

You are driving me batty.
إنت هتهبلني!

But what if you put the bat in the cave, now this will lead to a very yucky meaning:

He is the kid with the bat in the cave over there.

هو العيل ابو بربور مدلدل من مناخيره اللي هناك ده.

And combining the word ‘bat’ with the word ‘shit’ will give you the same meaning of ‘bullshit’:

Honestly, I think this is all batshit.

بأمانه، الموضوع ده كله هلس.

So I guess I need to get back to business and stop all this batshit 😂😂😂