Britishey Staff at Albukhary Azharian Language Institute

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At Britishey Training Centre, we are dedicated to providing top-notch education and professional teacher training to ensure the highest quality English language instruction for Young Learners. We are excited and proud to share the success of our first training day for English language teachers at Albukhary Azharian Language Institute in New Cairo, where our distinguished Certificate in TEFL for Young Learners programme, endorsed by TQUK, has taken an excellent start.

Our collaboration with Albukhary Azharian Language Institute stems from their commitment to excellence and a shared vision for creating an unparalleled learning experience for young students. As part of their dedication to continuous improvement, the institute embraced our programme to empower their English language teachers with lifelong skills that will have a lasting impact on their students.

On the first day of training, the trainee teachers eagerly arrived at the training venue, where they were greeted by our professional trainers, keen to share their expertise and guidance. As the day progressed, the participants were captivated by the interactive sessions designed to boost their confidence and accentuate their teaching abilities, all while fostering creativity and collaboration among the cohort.

We witnessed a fantastic exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices among the trainee teachers. The practical workshops delved into modern teaching strategies, engaging activities for young learners, and effective classroom management techniques. The participants enthusiastically embraced the training, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to honing their skills as English language teachers for young learners.

We applaud the management at Albukhary Azharian Language Institute for their steadfast support in making this a reality. Their meticulous planning and attention to detail, combined with their substantial investment in the personal and professional development of their teachers, reflect the institute’s vision of excellence.

Furthermore, we commend the unwavering dedication of the trainee teachers who have chosen to embark on this transformative learning journey. Their passion for teaching and commitment to their craft will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the lives of countless young learners.

As the first training day marks the beginning of an enlightening journey together, we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting Albukhary Azharian Language Institute and their teachers in unlocking their full potential as knowledgeable, creative, and inspiring educators. At Britishey Training Centre, our ultimate aim is to contribute to the betterment of English language education for young learners, one teacher at a time.

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