Cabbage is a plant that is so dear to the Egyptians’ hearts. It is a main ingredient in the recipe of the Egyptian popular dish: mahshi.

But in English cabbage has roles to play beyond the valley of food and cookery. For example, when you keep trying to make someone understand a point and all your trials are in vain, you can say:

You still don’t get that, you cabbage.
لسه ماوصلتلكش، عيل بطيخة.

And sometimes, it forms a compound noun with the word ‘head’, so you may say:

What cabbagehead did this to my bathroom?
من العيل البطيخة اللي عمل كده في الحمام بتاعي؟

And away from stupid people, cabbage can be used positively in slang American English:

I don’t have enough cabbage to buy a car like this one.
معييش فلوس كفاية اشتري عربيه زي دي.

So my friends, I don’t wanna be a cabbage wasting my time on this. I have to get back to work and make some good cabbage. 🤑🤑🤑