Trinity’s Certificate for Practising Teachers

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The Nature of the Trinity CertPT Course

Trinity’s Certificate for Practising Teachers is an in-service vocational teaching qualification listed at Level 6 on Ofqual’s Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). Designed around pedagogical outcomes rather than specific English language competency and requiring the completion of four practical teaching activities. The CertPT uses resource evaluation, creation and application as a vehicle to support the development of teachers’ knowledge and practice. Recognising that effective CPD stems from the identification of specific learning and teaching needs relevant to context, the CertPT provides the opportunity for teachers to take an evaluative approach to their needs, relative to their context.

Aims of the Course

To provide in-service teachers with a deeper understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of the Communicative Approach to create a more communicative and effective classroom.

1. critically evaluate lesson materials in line with learner needs;
2. apply pedagogical theory to practice;
3. employ efficient and effective teaching techniques to boost learner motivation and engagement; and
4. plan and reflect on development both past, present and future.

Course content Trinity london college
CC1:Developing understanding of the principles underpinning the Communicative Approach, with practical implementation
CC2: Exploring and applying principles of Second Language Acquisition theory
CC3: Comparing, contrasting and selecting lesson shapes to aid and support planning decisions
CC4: Exploiting input for language development
CC5: Motivating and assessing learner progress through output
CC6: Investigating the most recent theories of the communicative classroom
CC7: Practical techniques for highlighting, clarifying and upgrading learner language
CC8: Assessment of materials, learners and outcomes with relation to theory
CC9: Adaptation of materials to create more engaging tasks and address learner motivation and participation
CC10: Distinguishing between different areas of the language system in order to prioritise, enhance and exploit learner output
CC11: Designing tools for reflection and ongoing CPD
CC12: Completion of 4 assessments with relation to the above content
Admissions Process
Course Dates
Course number DatesNotes
101.01.2022 to 10.02.2022
226.02.2022 to 07.04.2022
307.05.2022 to 16.06.2022
425.06.2022 to 11.08.2022 7 weeks, 1 week Eid break.
520.08.2022 to 29.09.2022
615.10.2022 to 24.11. 2022
715.10.2022 to 24.11. 2022
Trinity’s Certificate for Practising Teachers

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