DELTA Module One Preparation

Britishey training centre course

Duration: 120 hours

Mode of Study: Face to Face / Fully Online

Nature: Part Time / Full Time


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DELTA Module One Preparation

Get prepared for DELTA Module One exam.



The demand for highly qualified English Language Teachers has been on the rise all around the world. To meet this demand, professional development courses and certifications are becoming more important than ever before. One such qualification is the DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), offered by Cambridge English Language Assessment. DELTA is divided into three modules, with each module offering specific insights and skill enhancement for English language teachers. In this article, we will take a closer look at the DELTA Module One Preparation Course, offered by the Britishey Training Centre (BTC), and discuss why signing up for this course at BTC is an excellent choice.

Course Content

DELTA Module One is a comprehensive exam that focuses on deepening teachers’ understanding of language, methodology, and resources used in teaching English to speakers of other languages. It assesses the knowledge and skills of experienced teachers, providing them with the necessary theoretical background and practical techniques for their professional growth.

The DELTA Module One Preparation Course at Britishey Training Centre offers a well-rounded and intensive curriculum designed to prepare candidates for the Module One exam effectively. The course covers various aspects of language teaching, including:

1. Theoretical perspectives on linguistics and language learning.

2. Methodological approaches and techniques related to the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing).

3. Grammar, phonology, lexis, and discourse analysis.

4. Assessment tools and exam development strategies.

5. Materials evaluation and development.

6. Learner profiling and needs analysis.

7. Professional development and reflective practice.

Why Britishey

Enrolling in the DELTA Module One Preparation Course at Britishey Training Centre comes with numerous benefits that make it an excellent investment in your teaching career:

1. Comprehensive Input Sessions: At BTC, candidates will receive structured input sessions that provide them with a clear understanding of the exam format, as well as the essential knowledge required to tackle the content effectively.

2. Personalised Feedback: The trainers at BTC are highly experienced and qualified professionals who work closely with the candidates, providing personalised feedback on their performance throughout the course. This tailored approach enables the candidates to address their weaknesses and improve their skills based on constructive and well-informed guidance.

3. Exam Training: The course includes specific exam-oriented sessions, which train candidates to answer different types of questions in Module One accurately and efficiently. The strategies shared in these sessions help teachers manage time and achieve better results in the exam.

4. Mock Exams: To familiarise candidates with the real exam scenario, BTC provides mock exams that allow them to test their knowledge and assess their strengths and weaknesses before the actual examination. This helps build confidence and ensures that the candidates are well-prepared to face the Module One test.