Networks of Innovation : Towards New Models for Managing Schools and Systems/ Centre for Educational Research & Innovation

This book contains a collection of papers from the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development's Schooling for Tomorrow project. The first part contains papers on networks and governance in schooling as follows: "Networking in Society, Organisations and Education" (Hans F. van Aalst); "Schooling for Tomorrow: Networks of Learning" (Judith Chapman); "Networking for Educational Innovation: A Comparative Analysis" (Anne Silwka); and "Governance, Management and Leadership" (Ron Glatter, Bill Mulford, and Dale Shuttleworth). The second part contains the following papers on specific cases: "Strategies to Promote Good Practices and Innovation in Schools: The Portuguese Case" (Maria de Ceu Roldao); "Public Management Reform and the Regulation of Education Systems: The Hungarian Case" (Gabor Halasz); "Deliverable Goals and Strategic Challenges: A View from England on Reconceptualizing Public Education" (Michael Barber); and "Schools and Governance in the Netherlands: Recent Change and Forward-Looking Policy Thinking" (The Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science). The third part of the book contains articles highlighting the main conclusions to emerge from a series of conferences held in 2000 and 2001; they are as follows: "Schooling for Tomorrow: Principles and Directions for Policy" (Ylva Johansson); "Understanding Networks for Innovation in Policy and Practice" (David Hopkins); and "The Management of Learning, Schools and Systems" (Donald Hirsch). (WFA)

Categories: ELT Management
Tags: Networks

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